ICS Golf Completes Round 1 of TCAF State Tournament; Katee Stubbs in Control of 2nd Place

On Tuesday, April 20th, Kynlee and Katee Stubbs, representing the ICS Varsity Golf team competed in the 2021 TCAF State Golf Tournament at The Golf Club at Champions Circle in Ft. Worth, Texas! Morning temperatures in the mid-50s, combined with 10-15 MPH winds forcing the wind chill into the 40s made for an interesting day out on the course. Katee Stubbs has taken sole control of 2nd place after shooting an 82 (+11) on the day.

Dominique Jimenez is currently in 1st place with a 75 (+4), while Faith Tufono is right on Katee’s heels with an 83 (+12) keeping her in 3rd place. Kynlee Stubbs will look to bounce back from her 104 (+33) performance and improve on her current 8th place position.

The 2nd and final round of the 2021 TCAF State Golf Tournament will start tomorrow at 9 AM (CST) due to a freeze delay due to 30 degree overcast weather.

📸 credits: Aaron Petersen

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