Immanuel Welcomes New Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Steve Howard

ICS Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Steve Howard

“In the [hiring] process, we were looking for a gentleman who wasn’t just going to be looking to grow his own sport, the sport that he was in…we wanted a gentleman who wanted to build a program as a whole. Who had the same vision and the same desire to see growth across the board…and we believe we have found that man…” said Assistant Athletic Director Aaron Petersen, on Monday night.

On Monday, September 27th, Immanuel Christian School officially welcomed Steve Howard to the Warrior Family as the new Varsity Girls Basketball Coach.

“This is one of the things that I’ve been wanting to do really since I retired…” said Howard. “So for [my family] to say, ‘We’ll let you go back out, and pour back into other youth was big for me during this decision.’”

ICS Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Steve Howard

Mr. Howard is an 18 year veteran of the US Army and retired Major, with over 20 years of coaching experience that includes 3 years as an Assistant Coach between the NAIA and NCAA Division III level of Women’s Basketball. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University, holds a Masters degree in Accounting and Financial Management and is currently pursing a Master in Sports Management from Liberty University.

“I want to actually thank Coach Rod. [Be]cause he left some big shoes for me to fill, in that you guys have had success…you guys finished third the last two years right? What’s the goal this year?”

Coach Miguel Rodriguez stepped down as the Varsity Girls Basketball coach during the summer of 2021. He coached ICS, most recently, from 2017-2021, which saw a 27-3 record in the 2019-20 season, and back-to-back third place state finishes between 2019-2021.

Asst. Athletic Director Aaron Petersen & ICS Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Steve Howard

The Athletic Department at ICS is very excited for what the future holds for Varsity Girls Basketball, and the Athletic Department as a whole. We believe that Steve Howard embodies the characteristics of an Immanuel Warrior.

Referring to the Athletic Department, Steve Howard said, “They talk about building a program, I want to see Immanuel Christian be more than just Immanuel Christian. My vision for them and the program goes beyond just the basketball world. I want to see the young ladies and young men who want to go to college, have the opportunity to do so and play at the highest level they possibly can…those people look at what you guys are doing here [and say], ‘Awe they’re just Immanuel Christian’”. The next two to three years, we’re going to change that…putting this school on the map, making Immanuel the place where people want to go, that’s the goal.”

ICS Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Steve Howard

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