Stat Update Week of Feb. 18: Ayala and Hernandez Featured on MaxPreps Top 25 Lists

#30 Hannah Ayala finds herself ranked among the top shot-blockers in the State of Texas. Averaging 5.4 blocks per game and 87 blocks in 16 games puts her at #2 of the Top 25 Shot-Blockers in the State of Texas, according to Along with this 5-spot jump in the State, she has re-entered the National Rankings. According to #30 Hannah Ayala is now ranked #13 in the Nation* in blocks-per-game.

Texas now has a new leader in steals-per-game! #4 Juliana Hernandez is ranked #1 in’s Top 25 steals per game list for the State of Texas. She averages 7.3 steals per game and 116 steals in 16 games. Hernandez has also found herself ranked #16 nationwide* in steals-per-game.

Click here for details:

*= As of 2/18/21

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